Cripple Creek RV Consignment & Sales

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Why Cripple Creek RV?

  • Tire Kickers - You no longer have to deal with the people who just want to look.
  • No-Shows - You will not waste your time waiting on buyers who no-show for appointments.
  • Trade-Ins - We can deal with people who have trade-ins, you will not have to. We know how to correctly work the NADA book out.
  • Financing - We can help the people who need financing. We have the banks who are RV financing ready!
  • Don't drive to show your RV - You won't have to waste your time and gas.
  • We do all the title work for you - We are licensed and bonded and have the knowledge to do title work correctly.
  • We take responsibility for the sales process - The customer will come back to us with any issues if any arise.

Why Buy an RV?
From our Experience there are many reasons:

  • To spend quality time with friends and family
  • Just to relax and get away
  • RVs are an affordable and reusable vacation
  • Sports tailgating parties!
  • Premium hunting. deer and duck leases await you
  • For a second home... (or an escape)
  • Tax write off
  • Work trips
  • You will no longer need to worry if a hotel will accept your pet or if a large pet deposit is required
  • Mobility and freedom to go wherever, whenever
  • Family or Class Reunions
  • Exploring new places or going back to favorite haunts
  • Never worry about unsanitary motels or hotels again!
  • You can now be in the middle of the action and not have to drive back to a motel room
  • College housing

Call our competition.
We feel confident that you will get the most for your RV when you consign with Cripple Creek RVs, while still treating the buying customers to a fair price. It's a win win situation for all parties involved. We feel so confident we will give you the names and numbers of the other dealers in the area. When you call ask to speak with their sales department, ask about their consignment fees and minimum cost to sell.

Crestview RV Georgetown512-931-7500
Crestview RV Buda512-282-3516
Princess Craft RV800-338-7123
Camper Clinic II512-312-1478

Why did we name it Cripple Creek RV Consignment & Sales?

Growing up my family was very adventurous and we went camping all over the Rocky Mountains. Cripple Creek, Colorado always held a special place in my heart. The old gold mining town surviving the test of time. The gold miners of the 1800's basically camping full time in some very harsh elements but in one of the most beautiful places in the country! With that being said, Cripple Creek RVs seemed the perfect name for our family owned down to earth RV dealership.