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Tailgating just makes the weekend better

When it comes to tailgating, everybody approaches it from a different angle. As long as you are there supporting your team, your driver, your son or your daughter and enjoying good food, good company and good times it really doesn’t matter how you do it, from a car, truck or RV. But most people are envious of tailgaters with RV's and their ability to kick back under an awning watching pregame shows or being able to hide inside from the occasional inevitable bad weather. Their ability to show up a day early to start the party and stay a day later to either celebrate the win or recover from the day before.

To truly have a enjoyable weekend tailgating, remember it's all about the food, assuming the company you are with get along with both you and each other. Remember to plan for the event, meaning if you are there for more than a day, (like at your daughters weekend long softball tournament) you will need to have breakfast foods, lunches and dinners. If your showing up Friday to support your college football team and leaving after the game Saturday, you will still need to have a dinner, a breakfast or hangover cure and pregame meal. Hot dogs and hamburgers will work, but don't ribs, or surf and turf sound better? 

Whether it's in college parking lots or before NFL games, a pre-game tailgating party has become an American ritual. Make your plans around convenience, safety and fun. Here are some tips for a great event with a minimum of labor.
  • Make sure everyone can find you. Hang pennants or balloons. Not only will your guests find you, but other tailgaters will join the fun. 
  • Pack key items that everyone forgets. Chairs for the older folks, corkscrews, bottle openers, tons of paper towels, and garbage bags are some things that are easy to forget and are very helpful.
  • Pack toys: A football to toss around, a Frisbee or even a whiffle ball and bat can all be great fun.
If you really need a good tailgating recipe, here's one that works:

Simple Recipe for Tailgate Beer

  • 1 Cooler
  • 3 Bags Ice (cubes)
  • 1 Case Beer

Remove beer cans from cardboard container, place beer cans and ice in cooler, Wait 18 minutes, serve. 

Clean up after yourself. Throw away your trash in available trashcans or bags that you've brought along, and safely dispose of any hot coals from your grill. Don't leave a hot grill unattended if you're heading in to the event.

Policies on RV parking and tailgating vary considerably from school to school. Many offer reserved parking for an entire season. This can be a very popular option as some schools where there may be a waiting list to get such a parking pass (LSU for example). Most also offer single game parking passes. Schools vary significantly on whether passes must be pre-purchased or can be purchased first come first served at the lot on game-day. 

Many schools allow RV fans to park in the RV lots starting on either Thursday or Friday before a Saturday game, and usually let them stay until some time on Sunday.

As for amenities, they range from nothing more than parking, up to water and electrical hookups. Because of the variation from school to school it is best to consult a particular school's website or call them to fully understand their RV parking policies and procedures. Here are a few schools

Texas A&M - Aggies Texas A&M offers several lots for motorhome parking. Access is from 2:00 PM the Friday before home games to 2:00 PM Sunday. Two of the lots have electrical and water hookups as well as a dump station. To learn more see: RV Parking (PDF). 

University of Texas - Longhorns There are three lots available for RV parking. 2 are reserved for season permit holders and only available on a single game basis after season permits are issued if there is space available. These lots have electrical hook-ups. Access begins after 8:00 PM on Thursdays before a home game and lasts through 6:00 PM on Sunday. An additional lot is available for RV parking on a game-by-game basis. Reservations must be made. This lot has no hook-ups.

University of Alabama - Crimson Tide Offers both reserved and non-reserved RV Parking. RV lots open at 6:00 PM on Friday before home games. For information on reserved spaces call 205-348-6113. For information on the Northington RV Lot (no reservations required) call 205-262-2811. 

University of Oklahoma - Sooners The University of Oklahoma offers season passes and single-game passes for RV parking at Sooner football games. Spaces are available both with and without electrical hookups. RV fans can come in on Friday and leave on Sunday. To learn more see: RV Parking



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