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Tailgating just makes the weekend better

When it comes to tailgating, everybody approaches it from a different angle. As long as you are there supporting your team, your driver, your son or your daughter and enjoying good food, good company and good times it really doesn’t matter how you do it, from a car, truck or RV. But most people are envious of tailgaters with RV's and their ability to kick back under an awning watching pregame shows or being able to hide inside from the occasional inevitable bad weather. Their ability to show up a day early to start the party and stay a day later to either celebrate the win or recover from the day before.

To truly have a enjoyable weekend tailgating, remember it's all about the food, assuming the company you are with get along with both you and each other. Remember to plan for the event, meaning if you are there for more than a day, (like at your daughters weekend long softball tournament) you will need to have breakfast foods, lunches and dinners. If your showing up Friday to support your college football team and leaving after the game Saturday, you will still need to have a dinner, a breakfast or hangover cure and pregame meal. Hot dogs and hamburgers will work, but don't ribs, or surf and turf sound better? 

Whether it's in college parking lots or before NFL games, a pre-game tailgating party has become an American ritual. Make your plans around convenience, safety and fun. Here are some tips for a great event with a minimum of labor.
  • Make sure everyone can find you. Hang pennants or balloons. Not only will your guests find you, but other tailgaters will join the fun. 
  • Pack key items that everyone forgets. Chairs for the older folks, corkscrews, bottle openers, tons of paper towels, and garbage bags are some things that are easy to forget and are very helpful.
  • Pack toys: A football to toss around, a Frisbee or even a whiffle ball and bat can all be great fun.
If you really need a good tailgating recipe, here's one that works:

Simple Recipe for Tailgate Beer

  • 1 Cooler
  • 3 Bags Ice (cubes)
  • 1 Case Beer

Remove beer cans from cardboard container, place beer cans and ice in cooler, Wait 18 minutes, serve. 

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RVing with your Dog

Taking your dog along with you on your vacation can be one of the best experiences your family  and your dog can share. 

Even if you adore your dog and want to travel with it, some dogs just don't adapt to the stresses of traveling. If your dog is shy or aggressive around other people and animals, you may decide to leave it home. If it would be happier staying behind at home with a caretaker or boarded at a kennel, do what's in your pet's best interests.

Before you go on your trip - Take your pet to the vet for a check-up and updated vaccinations including rabies and bordetella. If an emergency arises and you have to board your dog, many kennels will not accept a pet without a current bordetella vaccination that prevents the contagious respiratory disease known as kennel cough. If your pet is on any medications, make sure you have enough on hand to last through the trip with a little extra to spare in case the trip gets extended. Take your vaccination records with you when you travel for proof of current vaccinations. Using a thumb drive to store all medical records, medications, vaccinations and a few current good pictures of your dog is a good if not great idea. It can be kept on your key-chain or purse so if something happens away from the campsite you won't have to go back after it.

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Are you ready for a Road Trip?

The reason you have an RV is  because you wanted to travel, but are you ready for the trip and the destination?

Here are some simple things that get overlooked on a regular basis that can make a trip less than enjoyable. If you overlook something simple like a can opener for the can of corn you brought it can put a damper in your meal plans or at least make it more difficult to have corn. But forgetting coffee filters for your coffee maker not only ruins your morning but starts your day off on the wrong foot. 

When getting ready for that road trip it's the everyday items that people take for granted that they forget. The stuff like the cork screw that is always in the same spot in the silverware drawer beside the sink in the kitchen in your house. It's been there for ten years at least, maybe even upgraded a time or two, it gets put back most every time it is used except maybe on the nights when it was used multiple times. But you know exactly where it is and you will remember it is there, where you left it, when you need to open the bottle you have been looking forward to for the past 8 hours of driving. 

Here are some other items you want to check to make sure you have with you when you leave on your journey.

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Some More S'mores and other ideas for Campfire Cooking

Almost every camping trip whether it involves a tent in the back yard or a million dollar motor home at a luxury resort involves a campfire and smores. OK some luxury resorts won't allow a campfire and the majority of us don't have a million dollar motor homes to go "Camping" in. We do however have travel trailers and fifth wheels and like cooking something over fire. Below you will find some ideas on our favorite campfire foods including some twist's to the ever popular S'mores, an appetizer, a game day favorite and a dessert.

S’mores, are a staple of campfire eats, they are a delight for children and adults alike. 

S'mores Recipes

  • The Kitchen Sink: Chocolate Graham crackers with peanut butter cups, white-chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallows sprinkled with crumbled chocolate wafers.
  • Mint Medley: Chocolate wafer cookies with mint wafer chocolate (or if possible Mint Girl Scout Cookies) and marshmallows.
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Shortbread cookies with white chocolate and strawberry marshmallows or slices of fresh strawberry.
  • Turtles: Add chopped pecans and caramel to a standard-style s’more.
  • S'moreo: Twist open Oreo cookies and add a marshmallow, chocolate and pretzel pieces inside. Re-close and place over tinfoil on embers.
  • Peanut Butter Cup S'mores: Chocolate graham crackers, creamy peanut butter, chocolate squares and marshmallows


Now we understand that not everyone likes Marshmallows or Chocolate (you're sick, seek help) we have included some other ideas for you to roast over a campfire. 

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Our First Blog Post!

The best three places for hamburgers and entertainment that we have found.

But first lets get this straight, right up front, we are not:

  • Photographers any pictures you see on our blog will either look like a toddler took it with their parents cell phone, or will be robbed from the website of the places we talk about, but will most likely be from Google Images. 
  • Authors, writers, good spellers or English and Literature majors (or minors). We are happy when what we write makes sense to us, we will be pleased if others get the gist of what we are trying to relay and ecstatic if people say good job. For you grammar Nazis, tough we tried. For our past English teachers, we're sorry, we didn't pay better attention in class. For current English teachers, please feel free to take a red sharpie and circle all of our mistakes on your monitor.
  • Serious, we like to joke, smile, laugh and have fun, most of what we write here will be utterly useless nonsense, hopefully it will be amusing and some of it you may even find helpful. Truth be told the only thing we truly take seriously is consigning your travel trailer or Fifth wheel. We have a great location in Liberty Hill, a pretty decent little website, and we take pride in what we do.
  • Experienced Bloggers, as our title says, this is our first blog post, on any site EVER. So please be patient with us, we have a lot to learn in regards to blogging.

We will be:

  • Fun, entertaining (at least to us), informative and helpful.
  • Posting about the area, destinations, things to do, food, we will be keeping our RV'ing blog related to Central Texas, with an occasional post about RV'ing on the Gulf Coast, and the rest of Texas. We will be sticking to areas that we know best, Liberty Hill, Cedar Creek, Georgetown, Walburg, Jarrell, Round Rock, and Pflugerville. 
  • Looking for ideas and destinations, feel free to contact us.

And now back to our original topic, The best three places for hamburgers and entertainment that we have found.

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