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Are you ready for a Road Trip?

The reason you have an RV is  because you wanted to travel, but are you ready for the trip and the destination?

Here are some simple things that get overlooked on a regular basis that can make a trip less than enjoyable. If you overlook something simple like a can opener for the can of corn you brought it can put a damper in your meal plans or at least make it more difficult to have corn. But forgetting coffee filters for your coffee maker not only ruins your morning but starts your day off on the wrong foot. 

When getting ready for that road trip it's the everyday items that people take for granted that they forget. The stuff like the cork screw that is always in the same spot in the silverware drawer beside the sink in the kitchen in your house. It's been there for ten years at least, maybe even upgraded a time or two, it gets put back most every time it is used except maybe on the nights when it was used multiple times. But you know exactly where it is and you will remember it is there, where you left it, when you need to open the bottle you have been looking forward to for the past 8 hours of driving. 

Here are some other items you want to check to make sure you have with you when you leave on your journey.

  • If you are bringing electronics phone, tablet, GPS, etc do you have the chargers with you
  • Do you sleep with a CPAP machine, (don't forget that) you may be able to sleep, but no one else will
  • Toilet paper, if not, well that one should be self explanatory 
  • You've gone shopping and bought food, do have the proper cookware to cook it? Not just the post and pans, but stuff you will need to scoop, cut, flip or serve your meal with
  • Now that you have cooked and finished eating, did you bring aluminum foil and saran wrap or zip lock bags
  • Sunscreen, if you're going to be outside and it's sunny this is a must have, we all know how comfortable it is sleeping with a sunburn
  • Raincoats, umbrellas, jackets or sweaters a few drops of unexpected rain or inclement weather doesn't need to ruin your trip
  • A few simple games, cards, dominoes, backgammon, cribbage board in-case it's more than a few drops
  • If you wear glasses, put a glasses repair kit in the RV today

Some things that you may want to have in the RV

  • a tool box, with general handyman tools
    a spare freshwater house
    a battery operated drill or impact wrench with a socket set and adapter 
    a jack dedicated to the RV

Before leaving your campsite of course check to make sure you are completely disconnected from everything, your hoses are put away, your power and cable cords are stored and not rolled up beside the RV.

When you get home. Clean your Fridge First and Last. Clean it out of all contents as soon as you get home, transfer everything either to your fridge or the garbage can. Clean the rest of your trailer like you normally do, then clean the fridge again, nothing like having a stinky trailer the next time you go to use it. 

If you have any other ideas please submit them below 


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